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  • Northern Ohio Area Chambers of Commerce (NOACC), of which the Streetsboro Area Chamber of Commerce is a member, is a regional partnership of over 120 community-based chambers of commerce in northern Ohio dedicated to helping chambers deliver competitive and cost-saving benefits and services for almost 30,000 member businesses. Our mission is to harness the power of the NOACC chamber partnership to provide benefits and resources that the individual business or chamber would be unable to obtain on their own.

    The NOACC Chambers have a menu of discounted benefits – including health insurance benefits, workers compensation packages, shipping, supplies, etc., to choose from to offer the businesses they serve in their local communities. Members of NOACC Chambers can use any of the NOACC benefits by contacting the providers directly.

    For an updated/complete list of benefits: http://www.noacc.org/

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