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Membership in the Streetsboro Area

Chamber of Commerce is an investment

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Mission Statement

To promote and encourage growth through strong leadership and support of our members, the area business community and The City of Streetsboro.


Adopted by the SACC Board, 2006, and amended by the SACC BOD, 2014.

History of Streetsboro

Long before settlers moved into the Western Reserve, Seneca Indians roamed this land known as Streetsboro, Ohio.  They used Old Portage Trail, which crosses the southwest corner of the city, to go from Lake Erie to the Ohio River basin. This land was purchased by Titus Street from the Connecticut Land Company in 1798. 

Early documents show the name to be Streetsborough until 1840.  In 1822, the 15,279 acres of land were surveyed into 100 acre lots that sold for $2-$6 per acre.  Mr. Street donated four acres to establish a town square and two acres south to be used as a public burying ground.

The first school opened in 1826.  In 1827, Streetsboro became a township.  Additionally in 1827, a landmark of growth came when Mr. Street donated 840 acres for the Cleveland-Wellsville Turnpike (better known today as State Route 14) and opened the territory for settlement.  The town welcomed its first stagecoach in 1829.  Cheese houses dotted Streetsboro putting it on the map in 1873 as one of the major cheese producers in the United States.

Among the landmark buildings remaining are the Singletary house built by Col. John Singletary in 1828. This first frame house in Streetsboro has been moved and restored to its present location on State Route 14 by the I-80 turnpike exit. The Grange Hall was completed in 1906 and still stands in town square. The Methodist Church, which stood on the southwest corner of the square, can now be seen at Hale Farm & Village.

Major growth occurred in Streetsboro with the opening of the Ohio Turnpike on October 1, 1955, with Exit 13 being the only interchange in Portage County. By 1957, with the growth of the automobile industry, Streetsboro experienced a population explosion.  In 1968, voters decided to merge the township and the village to become one city consisting of 25 square miles.

Streetsboro was primarily a farming community until 1970. The city incorporated in 1971.

In the 1980s, Streetsboro again experienced a burst of growth, this time due to the [year] extension of Interstate 480 from its prior terminus at Route 91 in Twinsburg to Streetsboro’s turnpike exit. Now, businesses have not only an excellent east-west highway in the turnpike, but also a quick, direct path to Cleveland along Interstate 480.

In the 1990s, the city’s industrial based boomed, thanks to the cooperation of Streetsboro-based Geis Companies and city administration. In the same time frame, many of Streetsboro’s new neighborhoods were added, revitalizing the housing base in Streetsboro with its biggest boom since the extension of the turnpike in the 1950s.

The city now has a population of more than 16,000 and median home value of $146,648, higher than the state’s median home value of $134,600.