The Streetsboro Area Chamber of Commerce publishes a weekly email blast that includes member promotions and upcoming Chamber Affiliated event advertisements.  Currently, there are about 800 e-blast recipients.  As a member, you are encouraged to utilize this tool during your membership period.


    Cost and Distribution:

    The Cost of each e-blast is $35.00 for active Chamber Members.  Your Chamber account must be in good standing.

    The Chamber will email out the announcement on the Friday which your company has reserved.

    There is only one company per Friday e-blast spot.



    We recommend that your reserve your Friday in advance. (approx. 2-3 weeks)  You may schedule up to a year in advanced.

    We do limit the frequency which a company can send out an e-blast to one per quarter.



    Submit an e-blast request via email to the Chamber office to reserve your date.

    7-10 business days before your reserved date, send your flyer in a JPG Format to the Chamber office.


    What are some suggested e-blast ideas?

    Business Announcements

    Event Promotion

    Customer Thank You

    Don’t forget the Who, What, Where, When, Why and cost of your event.


    How to submit your e-blast:

    Call the Chamber office to reserve your date 330-626-4769Email the JPG to the chamber office 7-10 business days at sacc@streetsborochamber.org



    The Chamber is not liable for any misprints, typos or incorrect information.

    Chamber membership must current.


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