• Member Mailing List Guidelines

  • SACC’s Member Listing Guidelines for Use


    1. The SACC membership list is provided to its members for use to promote its members, their products and services only. Third party use of the information is prohibited.
    2. Streetsboro Chamber is a nonpolitical and nonprofit organization.  We cannot endorse/support any local/state candidates or their fundraisers.
    3. Please use the information sparingly and do not send weekly emails to members.
    4. Do not address it as “Dear Fellow Chamber Member…” or infer that the email is coming from the Chamber.
    5. Please use the BCC option when sending a mass email so that emails do not show-up/print.
    6. Any complaints the SACC receives regarding an abuse of use of said information, will be addressed immediately.


    The Streetsboro Area Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit organization 503c(6) dedicated to its members, their growth and success, and the economic development of the overall business community. The SACC is not affiliated with, nor pays membership dues to any politically-based organization–local, state, regional or national. The SACC also has a neutral position on any individual in public office.

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